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Mapping and Countermapping

CRP 3850/5850

3 units


10:10am - 11:25am

Taught by Wenfei Xu



This hybrid practice-discourse course introduces students to the ideas, debates, and practices in critical cartography and digital geography. How, who, and towards what purposes are spatial relationships represented through maps? Throughout the semester, we will approach mapping with an emphasis on the ethos of countermapping to make more legible those perspectives, claims, and epistemologies that are generally underrepresented. We will also discuss how new mapping technologies and novel big data are shifting the mapping landscape, what new tensions and possibilities arise, and how these new tools supplant or reinforce existing power dynamics. Students will also “read” and critique maps that speak to each week’s theme in order to understand the design, information, context surrounding the creation of the map. Alongside our discussions, we will be learning tools and software to create our own narrative maps and countermaps, with the aim of using these in a final research project of students’ own choosing.


Herbicide as it travels into Gaza (Forensic Architecture and Dr Salvador Navarro-Martinez, 2019)

Student Projects

Yu Wang

Whose 15-Minute Community-Life Circle?

Yeon Joo Kang and Duxixi (Ada) Shen

Revealing the Invisible Challenges of Pedestrians with Disability

Emile Bensedrine and Kellen Cook

Hasidim on Hudson

Tung Chen

Refugees as Weapons? The Sequel of Unauthorized Migrants from US-Mexico Border

Yucheng Zhang

Crowd-Sourced Parks in NYC

Yuetong Wang

Bike Lanes and Bike-Sharing Demand in Washington DC

Mengting Zhang

Impact of The Belt and Road Initiative on Marginalized Communities

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