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Wenfei Xu is an assistant professor in the Department of City and Regional Planning at the College of Architecture, Art, and Planning at Cornell University. She is also the director of the Urban Data Research Lab. Her research questions how housing policies, practices, institutions, and technologies have shaped urban inequality, with an orientation toward methods in urban analytics. She works on topics in social-spatial stratification, segregation, race and ethnicity, data science, mapping, and neighborhood change in the United States. Her work has ranged from an interest in the historical legacies of structural housing discrimination and its contemporary spatial-temporal manifestations to exploring the uses of big data in characterizing human activity for urban social science research.

Xu received her Ph.D. in urban planning from Columbia University's Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation, a Dual Masters in architecture and urban planning from MIT's Department of Architecture and Department of Urban Studies and Planning, and a Bachelor's of Arts in Economics from the University of Chicago. After her Ph.D., was a Fellow at the Mansueto Institute for Urban Innovation at the University of Chicago. 


Wenfei Xu

Director, Urban Data Research Lab

Current Members


I'm Youssef Attia. I am currently studying Computer Science at Cornell. I am expecting to graduate in May 2024. Some of my technical interests are linguistics and data science. I have done work in CS fields including web and app development, data science, API development, and more.



Youssef Attia

Research Assistant, Computer Science

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Yucheng Zhang is an undergraduate student in Urban and Regional Studies with a background in data science. Yucheng research interest includes using spatial data to understand the urban environment and explore the potential of automated urban data analysis algorithms to alleviate the administrative cost of understanding cities.


Personal Website

Yucheng Zhang

Research Assistant,
Urban and Regional Studies


I'm a first-year City & Regional Planning graduate student at Cornell. I have a bachelor's and master's degree in Architecture from Hanyang University in South Korea. Throughout my academic career, I have broadened my interest in architecture to planning focused on urban policy and the utilization of abandoned spaces.

Su Jeong Jo

Research Assistant, Regional Planning


My name is Ben Zaccara, I am originally from Connecticut and I have a bachelor’s degree in landscape architecture from UConn. Despite my background in design, I am excited to find myself embracing data science within my studies in Cornell’s Masters in Regional Planning program.

Ben Zaccara

Research Assistant, Regional Planning

Past Members

Youssef Attia

Ben Zaccara

Su Jeong Jo

Nada Attia

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